27 Day Drawing Challenge

Each Summer, Jian Wang Art Studio will have a break before school starts in September. For these few weeks in August 2019, students and teachers were presented an exciting and interesting task: the 27 Day Drawing Challenge. They were asked to draw something everyday for 27 days. Here are some completed challenges by Lydia Liu, Derek Gu, and Jenny Gu. 





Earl Haig Music Logo 

With her artistic skills, Adrienne Luong was able to design a logo for her school’s 2018-2019 music program featured on this jacket. Skills learned from art class can be helpful in a variety of areas including school, family, and friends. Fantastic logo, Adrienne!

The Three Fairytales

These beautiful papercut lightboxes are the works of Sophie Wang. Each box tells the story of a different fairytale: Little Red Cap, The Frog King, and The Little Mermaid. By turning on the light in the lightboxes, you can clearly see the different paper layers and silhouettes of the shapes. Thank you Sophia for showing us your hard work and wonderful craftsmanship!





Richmond Hill Public Library Poster 

Our student Aileen Luo created this enormous poster (1 metre by 2 metres) for Richmond Green Public Library using a variety of materials. This colourful masterpiece was used as a photo booth background for its Summer Reading Club. Her 17 hours of hard work definitely paid off because the results are phenomenal!


Graduation Gift

These students created original designs that were completed during class time. The students graduated from middle school this year and presented their artwork as a parting gift and to give thanks for their school. Good luck in high school!












Outdoor Sketching

Our young artist Emily is setting a great example by bringing her sketchbook outdoors to draw these beautiful flowers! By bringing a sketchbook wherever you go, whether it be a park, lake, garden, or forest, you can capture the true beauty of nature with a drawing. Thank you, Emily, for sharing your fabulous artwork and inspiring us! 

Visiting A Local Artist: Ronald Zerafa

Jian visits local artists a few times per year to understand and appreciate the art produced in our communities and arranges introductions between these artists and her friends and students.

One of her favourite artists include Toronto-based landscape painter Ronald Zerafa. 



Interestingly, Ronald intended for this painting to be displayed either right-side up or upside down. 


Visual Arts Award: Nicole Wu 

Upon her Grade 8 graduation ceremony, she was awarded the Visual Arts Award by Wellington P.S. We are very happy that she has demonstrated her skills and passion outside of our studio as well. Excellent job, Nicole!